Abstracts of interviews of past volunteers:

“Visit Eritrea and experience the day to day life.”
Date Release, March 14 2009 By NUEYS Staff

These were the words of Abeba Michael. Abeba is a young Eritrean who lives in Sweden. Abeba spent 6 months with NUEYS working in the Foreign Affairs Department; she also spent a significant amount of her time volunteering at the orphanage in Asmara. Excerpts:

Q: Abeba, let’s begin our discussion by you telling me about yourself: Where were you born, where did you grow up, and what you do in Sweden?

A: I was born in Asmara in 1988 but I moved to Sweden with my mother when I was eight months old and I have lived there ever since.

Q: Is this your first visit to Eritrea?

A: The first time I came to Eritrea was in 1992 and the second time was in 2001. I was very young at the time so I hardly remember any of it.

Q: Right. What do you do here now?

A: I’m working at NUEYS Foreign Affairs Department and when I am not there I am spending my time with my family and trying to get to know the country better.

Q: How do you find your voluntary work here?

A: So far it’s been very good. The people at NUEYS are very nice and have made my stay there very pleasant.

Q: Do you have any message for the youth in the Diaspora?

A: When it comes to the youth that have lived most of their lives abroad, I would advise them to come to Eritrea by themselves to see and experience the day-to-day life because at the end of the day their Eritrean background is a very big part of them and something they should acknowledge and discover.

A chat with Huriat Aklilu
Date Release, March 11 2009 By NUEYS Staff

NUEYS’ Menesay (Youth) magazine had conducted an interview with Huriat Aklilu. Huriat spent a year and a half to complete her full national service. Here are some excerpts of the English version of the interview as translated into English by Hermon Gedle

Q: Let us begin by your name; who picked it for you?

A: It’s my parents who chose it. They were in their youth still; it was during the late 80’s that they went to Canada and I am told that they used to have a breath taking love even before I was born. During the time I was born, there was a glowing sight of the coming of peace in Eritrea and every Eritrean was waiting desperately to feel the air of freedom. My Dad’s name is Aklilu Yehedego and Mom’s is Yodit Gebre Ezgiabher, the two of them have a love of their country and they always believed that the secret of the Eritrean people’s existence is entirely dependent on their unity; so somehow to dedicate to this unity and the great thirst for freedom led them to come up with my name, Huriat, which means Freedom.

Q: When were you born?

A: 1989; I was born in Calgary, West Canada

Q: When was your first visit to Eritrea?

A: During the summer of 2001, it was at that time; I was celebrating my twelfth birthday. I came for my aunt’s wedding and I was able to see Asmara, Nefasit, Ghindae, Gergesum and Massawa.

Q: So how did the life of Sawa welcome you?

A: Good. It was not something new to me. Before Sawa, I was able to take the political class given by NUEYS at Tsaeda- Christian. During my time there, I was experiencing the same life style as Sawa. There was a social life of eating together, learning together and spending the day and night together, which is more like Sawa

Q: What did you learn from Sawa?

A: I increased my confidence and I started to believe that I can overcome any challenges that I face in life.

Q: What message would you want to pass to the youth all over the world via our youth magazine?

A: I don’t have much to say. I took my country’s national service and the military training, and it has helped me to express myself more than any other time and to be strong when hardship comes on my way. I want every person of my age to be part of this experience.

“If you want to have a say in the future of the country, you need to be involved in the country’s interest and issues” Yafet Askale, a young Eritrean volunteer
Date Release, February 25 2009 By NUEYS Staff.

Yafet had spent 8 months volunteering with NUEYS in the Project Department. Excerpts:

Q: Welcome Yafet. First tell me a little bit about yourself, where were you born? Where did you grow up? What do you do in the UK, and how was your visit back home?

A: Well my name is Yafet Askale, I was born in Asmara but moved to London when I was 9 thus spent most of my life in the UK. Before I moved back home to Asmara I was a student in England; I just graduated last year in International Relation & International Business from Royal Holloway University of London. The reason for my visit home is because I wanted to play my part and help my country within my own capacity in its developments.

Q: Is this your first visit home and how do you find Asmara?

A: No, it’s not my first visit home. I used to visit Eritrea annually in the past before 2002 but have not been able to do so since I started collage (A level) in the academic year 2002/2003. I love Asmara.

Q: Do you have any message to fellow young Eritreans in the Diaspora?

A: My message to follow Eritreans who reside abroad is to come and visit their country and see for themselves how it has changed and developed over the last few years. I would also like to advise them to get involved in Eritrean issues and play their part in the development of their country.

Q: Anything else you want to add?

A: I don’t think it’s right to criticize or even comment about Eritrean government, economy or development, when you do not want to play any part in the country’s development or future.


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