NUEYS Central Office
PO BOX 1042, Asmara, Eritrea
Tel: 291-1-120488/122118
Fax: 291-1-125981

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  1. Tebogo Rakgabyane says:

    Kindly send me information on the 2010 International Youth Forum to be held in Eritrea in July.

    Yours in Youth Development

    Tebogo Rakgabyne
    Cell: 0027 78 703 0133

  2. TO/ National union of Eritrean YOUTH& STUDENTS
    first we are somali association for dawa &youth guidance the Headquartered in khartoum, – Sudan.
    we are requesting to send invitation of international youth forum & we need participed this important forum send us invitation in our email

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am highly delighted to request for the application form to attend this year International Youth Forum. Please, could you send me a word document format that i can easily fill. Thanks and hope to hear from you soonest.
    Youthfulness means usefulness.
    Highest regards,
    Donald Thompson

  4. Ignus Kalongola says:


    I am youth coordinator, working with SPW-Tanzania Intenational youth led NGO which our main objective os to ”replace young people at the forefront of Development and Change. Kindly I asked for invatation letter and if there are scholarship in this forum let me Know.

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