Why volunteer?

Mission: To enhance social, cultural and educational exchange among Eritrean youth in Eritrea and among the Diaspora through volunteer work and internships in Eritrea so as to develop the skills of Eritrean youth for community leadership in Eritrea and abroad.

This program aims to strengthen the skills and development of young Eritreans through the facilitation of internships, volunteer work, community service, and national service for Eritreans from the Diaspora and through the support of community based projects in their country of residence upon completion of internships in Eritrea.

Volunteerism is a development asset and in order to achieve development goals, it requires the ingenuity, solidarity and creativity of many ordinary people through voluntary action. Volunteer action and community service is at the core of social capital and underpins most social action in civil society. NUEYS already has thousands of volunteers around the country, but through this program we extend the opportunity for Eritrean youth in the Diaspora to also give back to their society.

Information on how to volunteer (process)

In order to place interns in projects that better suit their skills and experience, as well as the needs of host offices, interested candidates should send their CV/resume and a motivation letter. In the motivation letter, you should be able to describe what you would like to do in Eritrea, how long you are planning to stay, and what you hope to gain from the experience. Send these documents to the NUEYS Foreign Affairs Department (email: nueyspub2001@yahoo.com).

Soon after receiving your documents, we will write you back to explain your options and where you will be placed to volunteer/intern.

Upon completion of your internship/volunteer experience, NUEYS will award you with a certificate and/or a recommendation letter. A record of your volunteer experience will be included in NUEYS’ permanent files.

Interviews with past volunteers

Youth Exchange Program


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