Goal: To bring together representatives of youth and student organizations to discuss creating partnerships through inclusive dialogue and exchange for mutual understanding, peacebuilding, sustainable development, active citizenship and public interest diplomacy.


  1. To foster tolerance and a sense of understanding among the youth organizations involved
  2. To increase the awareness and knowledge of youth peace activists and promoters of active youth citizenship for development and social justice
  3. To share the necessary tools, techniques, strategies and skills to promote peace culture and active youth citizenship for development
  4. To share experiences with youth participation for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), especially when it comes to HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
  5. To spread awareness on the prevailing situation of the Horn of Africa
  6. To make suggestions towards effective strategy for regional and international cooperation, friendship and understanding
  7. To launch the Year of the Youth with dedication and commitment.

Main discussion topics:

  • Active youth citizenship
  • Mutual understanding and tolerance
  • Peacebuilding for sustainable development
  • Youth participation/achievements in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
  • Media
  • Public interest diplomacy
  • Youth partnership for youth development and empowerment
  • Launch of the International Year of Youth

4 responses »

  1. Rosh Dave says:

    Dear Youth Forum Team

    I am extremely interested in participating in the forum and have previously attended and spoken at youth conferences globally on development and environment issues.

    However, I would like to know if funding is available to international participants.

    Thank you.

    • nueys says:

      NUEYS will cover all internal expenses (accommodation, meals, internal transportation, work documents and visa costs) for all international participants.

  2. Debra A. Inos says:

    Dear Youth Forum Team,

    I am the Acting Director of the Division of Youth Services governmental operations and also supervise the Family Support Services, Parent Education Program and Youth Development Program and the Community Outreach Program. I am very much interested to attend this forum can I be assisted with any financial accommodation so that I can attend to represent the youth at the island of Saipan, CNMI as well as the CNMI government. Please forward an official invitation and hoping I can get financial help. Please let me know what to do next to be part of this forum.

    Debra A. Inos
    Acting DYS Director & Family Support Services Supervisor
    Saipan MP 96950

  3. what does it take to attend this event?

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