Eritrea Youth Festival in Sawa – 13th – 15th July 2012

The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) will be hosting the 5th Eri-Youth Festival this summer, from the 13-15 July 2012, in Sawa Eritrea. NUEYS is expecting a record number of participants from the diaspora, in this year’s Festival. This will consist 50,000 plus youth from inside the country and outside from Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Middle-East.

Guideline for Participation 5th Eri-Youth Festival

Registration form for the 5th Eri-Youth Festival

What is the Eri-Youth Festival?


The Eri-Youth Festival, which is held in Sawa every two years, is a celebration of Eritrean youth! It celebrates their many achievements and the valuable role Eritrean youth play in nation building, development, and in preserving national unity and sovereignty.


The Vision of the Eri-Youth Festival


Our national unity had been strengthened in the revolutionary struggle for independence and, in the process, has become the backbone of our national values. All of us have the duty to preserve such values, especially in challenging times. Therefore, the vision of the EYF is to have the youth embrace their responsibility to strengthen these values and principles within the promise of ensuring national unity and preserving the glory of or martyrs.


Why an Eri-Youth Festival?


The EYF is intended to boost the nationalistic and patriotic feelings and commitments of Eritrean youth so as to put their energy into constructive endeavors. The EYF also aims at enabling the youth to sideline themselves from sub-national feelings and, through their solidarity, actively participate in national development efforts. To bring Eritrean youth from all over the world to one place to celebrate their achievements, as well as to remind them of the ways they can enhance their role in their society, a festival is most convenient. Sawa was chosen for the location of the festival not only because it is a place of national pride, but also because it is the only place that can accommodate the youth expected to participate.


How is the Eri-Youth Festival Organized?


In order for the festival to be youth centered, all activities are arranged for and by young people. NUEYS, in close cooperation with the Sawa Training Center, organizes this spectacular event. NUEYS’ offices all over the country actively participate in the planning, organizing and implementation of the festival, ensuring the equal representation of all administrative zones and sub-zones. NUEYS’ branches and other Eritrean youth associations abroad, as well as NUEYS’ bilateral partners and the international unions/networks that NUEYS affiliates with, also contribute to the success of the festival in order to make it a huge celebration or Eritrean solidarity all over the world!


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